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Hi everyone! This is a revised version of my article from my personal blog.

This is an article that expresses a few major learnings I would like to take away and mistakes I wouldn’t want to commit again from my journey, and maybe stand out like a guide book for those who are starting their career in Software Industry. I have tried to put up my learning and takeaways from my voyage in the simplest way I can.

Learning is a Continuum Concept, where at every level and stage of your life,
you learn and take away something from your previous experiences

I am closing in on completing two years of my career at a startup, starting as a Graduate Intern Developer to Junior…

“Think Twice, Code Once”

Hi everyone! This is a revised version of my article from my personal blog.

Previously, in my last article, I had explained some of the must-know fundamental programming principles, which are applicable in any programming paradigm that you follow. Be it Functional or Object-Oriented paradigm/programming, those serve as the primary fundamentals.

This article purely speaks of another 5 design principles, most specifically hold good to problems that can be solved using the OOPs paradigm. With the rise of the OOPs paradigm, brought new designs and techniques of writing the solution to a problem.

Hi everyone! This is my revised version of my article from my blog <OhMyScript>.

This article would be covering all the basic Engineering Programming Principles to become a better developer or to follow and maintain clean code.

One very important thing that we always need to constantly remind ourselves, is that the code we write is consumed by another person/developer as well, going ahead. …

Hey everyone!

I have been tech enthusiast for a very long time. Only thing that motivated and kept me going was the adrenaline rush while exploring the newer technologies and its working.

Apart from being a tech enthusiast; I have been actively working on different platforms, trying to figure out the philosophy behind it and learning the metaphysics or what you can say technicality of the programming or behind programming stack.

This is my article on putting my ideologies on Programming Philosophy, for the beginners out there who think programming is difficult.

This article is to all the beginners who…


Since Deno 1.0 released


To start with, the framework I am currently using OAK/Snowlight is to write a RESTful API which is currently stable Deno version 1.0.0

There are several speculations and hypothesis amongst Developers as follows saying,

Is Deno going to replace Node?

Is Deno better than Node?

Is all the amount of efforts, time and energy put on learning Node completely pointless?

As Ryan Dahl claimed in JSConf in his talk 10 Things I Regret About Node.js

“ Node could have been much nicer”

When Ryan started out Node; he missed out on very essential aspects which he recalled in his…

Hi everyone.

Simply trying to put up my thoughts on the current crisis that is debilitating humans. Yes, just trying to collect the words in my head and put up those thoughts here.

Maybe, this perception of mine might sound so cruel to the world or to humanity itself. Maybe, it might sound inhumane as well.

I believe, Corona was just an act of Karma.

“So, you mean, the world deserved it?
Did people deserve to die?
Did People deserve to suffer?”

No, far and away. No one deserves to suffer. No one deserves to lose the ones they love…

This is a story of my expedition of understanding Asynchronous Programming in JS. Coming from the Computer Science background, I got various opportunities to explore various platforms, where I could learn different programming languages, from the Assembly languages to High-level languages. But, never have I struggled to understand the flow of the language.

As much as I have known, JS is one of those technologies that outstand the rest that is in the industry. Far more, I am not speaking about performance, optimization, and things so on.

JS in Node is the asynchronous programming language.
This might be pretty confusing…

Git is one of the most powerful tools, I feel I have used during my past learnings in the field of programming. It is one open-source tool that I would recommend any person willing to be in programming or non-programming background profession, to learn. People in the programming field should definitely master the use of this software tool.

Perks of learning and using Git is infinitely useful and invaluable.

In this article, we will be talking a bit about,
1) Version Control System
2) Git
3) Github
4)Other things like How Git works and git commands and so on.
Are you guys ready? Do…

In this article, I would like to introduce a beautiful programming paradigm that solves a lot of real-life problems in terms of programming.

Let us look into what is OOPs, the ideology behind OOPs and also main concepts of OOPs. And the complete article would be described in Non Programming terms, i.e., in layman’s terms.

Note: Once you are done reading the article, and understand, learning the OOPs Languages would be easy. It would give better understandability to learn any OOPs languages.

What is OOPs?

Object-Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm/ way of writing a solution for a given problem…

The app/file structuring is one way to be Clean Coder. There are no standard structures as such, but, generally followed structure will be discussed below.

I am a beginner. As a beginner, I would explain how did I go about this File Structuring scenario for the Express Application. I have used Express Framework, with MongoDB database. I had used Mongoose as MongoDB Object Modelling for Express Application.

“ There is a luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves we feel no one else has a right to blame us. ”
- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

It is…

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